Director: Kirsty MacDonald

                                            Producer: Kirsty MacDonald

                      Director of Photography: Christopher Pryor

                                               Sound: Christopher Pryor

                                                Editor: Kirsty MacDonald

                                              Adviser: Sarina Pearson

                            Super-8 Animations: Christopher Pryor and Kirsty MacDonald

                                                 Music: Karen Hunter

                               Technical Support: Martin Hansen


Copyright Girl-On-A-Bike Films 2006

Original Shooting Format:        Mini-DV 4:3 ( Letter-boxed)

Screening Format:                   16:9 Anamorphic

Duration:                                17 Min. 24 sec.


Made with the assistance of the University of Auckland Department of Film, Television and Media Studies (NZ), and a Harriette Jenkins Award from the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women.

Image - Production still from Black and White courtesy of Chris Pryor