1. - North American Educational Distribution

  2.  - Australian Educational Distribution

  3.   Rebecca Swan - Photographer

  4.                         Mani Bruce Mitchell - Intersex Trust Aotearoa  New Zealand

  5. Shigeyuki Kihara  - Artist

  6. HRC Transgender Inquiry


   Claire Cowan - Composer


Assume Nothing

Many of us assume that there are only two genders and that being female or male follows from the sex of our biological bodies. Inspired by the photographs of acclaimed New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan, ASSUME NOTHING focuses on the art, photography and performances of five "alternative" gender artists of Maori, Samoan-Japanese, and Pakeha-European descent, posing the questions: "What if "male" and "female" are not the only options? How do other genders express themselves through art?" Intimate present-day interviews and actuality are interspersed with lush Super-8, 2-D and 3-D animations and beautifully staged performances - blurring the conventions of documentary, animation, drama and gender in the process. Meticulously crafted, playful and provocative, ASSUME NOTHING travels from Wellington’s Red Rocks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to explore the potent creative world that flourishes between and beyond genders.

WINNER: aGLIFF23 Documentary Jury Feature Prize - Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival 2010 (USA);

SPECIAL MENTION: “Best New Zealand Feature Documentary”  - DOC Edge International Documentary Festival 2009 (NZ);

FINALIST: “Best New Zealand Feature Documentary” (Arts/Festival) - Qantas Media Awards 2009 (New Zealand);

BEST EDITING in a Feature Documentary: Love Unlimited Film Festival 2011 (USA);

IN COMPETITION: BEST DOCUMENTARY 2010 Audiovisual Arts Festival of Andalusia (Spain);

IN COMPETITION: BEST DOCUMENTARY KASHISH - Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2010 (India);

IN COMPETITION: BEST DOCUMENTARY KASHISH - Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2010 (India)..  Image “Ema -

Animation” from Assume Nothing