Several wonderful musicians lent their talents to the soundtrack of ASSUME NOTHING. One of these musicians was James Webster, a talented Maori arts practitioner, whose passions include the making and playing of Taonga Puoro (singing treasures / Maori Musical Instruments). Many haunting excerpts from his “Hauororua: Sensory Sound” album appear throughout the film.

Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) created the delicious track “Windowlicker” appearing about halfway through the film.

And fabulously talented New Zealand composer Claire Cowan wrote the majority of the music in the film, including tracks from the collaborative show “Suture”, her radio play “Shell Shocked”, and one track: “String Story Quartet I” recorded for ASSUME NOTHING.

Story String Quartet I

Above: Composer Claire Cowan convinced Kirsty MacDonald to buy these

beautiful shoes while in New York filming Shigeyuki Kihara for Assume Nothing.

Below: Still from “Taualuga - The Last Dance” (featured in Assume Nothing)

courtesy of Shigeyuki Kihara.


Sewing Bossanova


Assume Nothing Music