Director: Kirsty MacDonald

                                                       Producer: Kirsty MacDonald

                                        Executive Producer: Dorthe Scheffman

                                 Director of Photography: Christopher Pryor

                                                          Sound: Christopher Pryor

                                                           Editor: Kirsty MacDonald

                                                         Adviser: Annie Goldson

                                             VFX Animations: PRP-VFX (Abi Gee, Carol Petrie, Jon Thorsen)

                                             2-D Animations: James Frankham

                                       Super-8 Animations: Christopher Pryor and Kirsty MacDonald

                                         Additional Camera: Prisca Bouchet

                                      Addnl. Sound Mixing: Adrian Hollay

                                                           Music: Claire Cowan, James Webster,

                                                                      Jacqueline Carter, Karen Hunter,

                                         Aphex Twin (Richard James),

                                         “Le Manu Ole Vaveao” courtesy of

                                         Viking Sevenseas

                                                       Colourist: Clare Burlinson

                                                      Mastering: RPM Pictures

                                          Technical Support: Martin Hansen


                                           Copyright  Girl-On-A-Bike Films 2009

Original Shooting Format:            Mini-DV

Screening Format:                      16:9 FHA Digibeta

Duration:                                   80 Min. 46 sec. (“Festival” Version)

Also available:                            79 Min. 34 sec. (“Distributor” Version)

                                                 56 Min. 23 sec. (“Broadcast” Version)

Made with the assistance of the University of Auckland Department of Film, Television and Media Studies (NZ), and funding from the Screen Innovation Production Fund -

(A partnership between Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission).

“Jack Animation” from Assume Nothing

“Trans Man Animation” from Assume Nothing

“Androgynous Animation” from Assume Nothing